Place for alternative tourism         


Terra House is a place for alternative tourism, located in Mindya village, 20 km from the city Veliko Tarnovo, direction - city Elena. The bicentennial complex is rebuilt using an old technology - the history revived with meticulous attention to authenticity and careful modernisation - all the modern elements of convenience (heating and bathrooms) are available.

The complex has 8 rooms, each of which has a separate bathroom and toilet. There are rooms for single, double and triple accommodation. There are common areas for activities - rest room, library, atelier for drawing and screenings conducting, ceramic studio, canteen.

Terra House is a project dedicated to ceramics. There is a training studio and an opportunity for art holidays for people who want to deal independently with ceramics. The complex also has additional studios for painting and sculpture. The place is suitable for team building for small groups (up to 20 people), for seminars, yoga and more.

Mindya village is located right in the middle of the main road between the towns of Veliko Tarnovo and Elena, which explains the many inns and shops. By the time when the people traveled with carts, they stopped to rest in the middle of the road. Mindya village is one of the rare Bulgarian villages where the main road is now weaned and goes outside the village. Currently, the village is known for the large international presence (english, dutch and australian families), with the intimate rock festival, held traditionally at the end of August and the first Museum of Communism in Bulgaria.

The geographical location of the village provides several one-day routes with interesting historical sights: Veliko Tarnovo, Arbanassi, Elena, Drianovo, the cave Bacho Kiro, Gabrovo and Tryavna. The camping in the neighboring village Dragijevo and "Elenskoto Hanche" allow for sunbathing in summer days.